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A contract negotiation lawyer is a legal professional who negotiates, reviews, and amends contract terms to ensure they are lawful and best serve their client's interests.

Legally enforceable agreements form the foundation of any sound business endeavor. Contracts will initiate the project, establish ownership and partnerships, solidify financing, facilitate the purchasing or leasing of property, arrange contractors, and more. 

Each contract should work to efficiently move your project forward and meet your objectives. Each document must also protect your interests and prepare for every contingency.

Our contract negotiation services will assist you with legally enforceable agreements at each stage of your project. Our Philadelphia contract negotiation attorneys at Pritzker Law Group have extensive experience drafting, negotiating, and finalizing the documents prudent to real estate matters

Because we provide legal support in all areas of the real estate process, we understand the importance of these contracts and how they must be constructed.

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Cases We Handled

Our Philadelphia contract negotiation services can assist you with:

  • Construction Contracts. Not all construction contracts are created equal, and implementing the inappropriate type of agreement can result in serious negative financial consequences. We can determine what types of contracts will most effectively serve your project. Our team has experience drafting lump sum contracts, time and materials contracts, cost-plus contracts, unit price contracts, and guaranteed maximum price contracts.
  • LLC Registrations. Limited liability companies (LLCs) and other business entities can help facilitate projects and confer numerous benefits and protections to partners and stakeholders. We have experience helping business owners and entrepreneurs draft formation documents. Our team can also register new business entities with the appropriate local government authorities.
  • Operating Agreements. Operating agreements define how an LLC will make decisions and manage its resources. It should also outline rules and regulations for how conflicts between stakeholders will be decided, how membership in the LLC can be changed, and distributions will be handled. Note that an operating agreement is separate from a formation document and is generally required under state law. We can draft an operating agreement that is consistent with your objectives and meets all local requirements.
  • Sales and Purchase Agreements. A sales and purchase agreement formalizes the acquisition of a real estate property. The document should include an offer price as well as the conditions of the sale. A buyer and seller will often negotiate the price and terms before coming to an agreement. Note that real estate agents cannot generally draft purchase contracts from scratch unless they are licensed to practice law. Our licensed attorneys can create customized agreements and assist you throughout the negotiation process.
  • Commercial Leases. A commercial lease is a real estate contract between a commercial landlord and a business tenant. These lease agreements are generally customized to address and facilitate the type of work that will be done at the facility. Unlike a residential lease, this type of contract will explicitly acknowledge that a space will be used to generate profit and that there is no right or expectation of habitability. Rent associated with the lease is often calculated based on square footage and can sometimes include profit-sharing with the landlord. Commercial leases are also long-term, generally lasting several years with options to extend. We can draft and negotiate commercial leases and ensure that your agreement protects your business’s interests and meets all of your needs.
  • License Agreements. A license agreement involves one party giving another party formal and legal permission to leverage a trademark, patent, or protected brand. A robust contract will carefully define what is covered and permissible under the agreement, the terms of usage, how any disputes will be resolved, and how the licensing party will be compensated. Depending on the nature of the arrangement, licensing agreements can be extremely complex. We can ensure these contracts will help you achieve your objectives and protect you from unintended consequences.
  • Settlement Agreements. Conflicts are inevitable in any business endeavor, and some may escalate to threats of or actual legal action. In many situations, a settlement can be reached before a dispute goes to court, saving all parties time, money, and resources. A settlement agreement formalizes this resolution. If a settlement agreement is sought once the matter has already gone to court, a judge will often need to approve the terms of the contract. We can assist in the drafting and negotiation of these agreements.
  • Financing Agreements. Many will need outside financing to bring their projects to fruition. A financing agreement presents a case for how borrowed money will be used to fund a venture and how the enterprise will consequently generate sufficient profit to repay creditors. Our team can draft financing agreements that can work to help you secure sufficient funding.
  • Joint Venture Agreements. This type of contract formalizes an arrangement in which multiple parties agree to combine resources to accomplish a given task. In many cases, multiple business entities will work together to facilitate a mutually beneficial commercial enterprise. Joint venture agreements must be carefully constructed to ensure that your interests will be protected in any scenario. We can work with all involved parties to draft and negotiate these contracts.
  • Condominium Conversion Documents. Conversions of real estate into condominiums involve subdivisions of property, which are heavily regulated and generally involve communicating with multiple local, state, and federal jurisdictions. Our team can help prepare your declaration documents and guide you through the process.
  • Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Understanding. Letters of intent and memorandums of understanding signal that two or more parties have come to an agreement in a negotiation process. The document, though not yet legally binding, should outline the basic terms of what will soon be formalized in an enforceable contract. We can efficiently generate these documents and ensure that the language used reflects the specific agreements reached.

Our Philadelphia contract negotiation lawyers at Pritzker Law Group can meet all of your contracting needs. Contact us online or call (215) 515-0882 today!


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When you hire our firm, we work to understand every element of your real estate project. This includes evaluating your goals for the project, the players involved, and potential conflicts and complications that contracts should address and prepare for. We can support your project from the ground up or handle specific contracts on a case-by-case basis. 

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