Due Diligence and Feasibility Analysis Services Based in Philadelphia

Experienced and Comprehensive due diligence and feasibility analysis Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the surrounding counties

Due diligence and feasibility analysis studies can help developers evaluate whether a residential, commercial or industrial property will meet their objectives. Creating these reports requires an exhaustive level of investigative research and the proper analytical and political acumen. 

Our Philadelphia due diligence and feasibility analysis services at Pritzker Law Group can assess the viability of your commercial or residential real estate project. Our reports aim to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of existing or potential property ventures. We also explore potential opportunities, threats, and other factors worthy of consideration, including the anticipated resources necessary to carry out the project. 

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Our reports evaluate the following elements:

  • Area demographics, population, and job growth trends
  • Property value trends
  • Household median incomes
  • Market vacancy and eviction trends
  • Unemployment and crime rates
  • Proximity to public transportation, amenities, and community services
  • Anticipated property maintenance, management, utilities, and leasing expenses
  • Zoning and land-use certificates
  • Environmental reports
  • Liens placed on the property
  • Title commitment or title policy for the property
  • Any other encumbrances impacting the property
  • Physical condition of the property
  • Area business opening and closing trends
  • Anticipated government regulatory obstacles
  • Anticipated area developments that could impact your project

Our reports also include:

  • Councilmanic district information
  • As-of-right features of the property
  • Variance and re-mapping alternatives for the property
  • Office of Public Affairs (OPA) information
  • Tax balance of the property
  • Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) that may impact the development
  • Summary of property archive

Our Philadelphia due diligence and feasibility analysis services at Pritzker Law Group have facilitated reports for the projects of many prominent area firms. Our team is invested in your project’s success and can provide the tools that will help you make informed decisions.

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  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Industry & Local Markets
  • Seasoned Experienced With Municipal Agencies & Administrative Boards
  • Lawyers with Extensive Careers in Specialized Legal Fields
  • Certified Women-Owned Law Firm

Why You Need a Due Diligence Report and Feasibility Analysis

Nothing is guaranteed or enforceable until it is signed and in writing. Performing due diligence helps residential and commercial developers avoid unpleasant surprises after completing a real estate transaction. The process gives you peace of mind by confirming that you will receive exactly what you are paying for as part of the deal. 

A grand majority of real estate projects require a high level of investment and some level of risk. Feasibility analysis aims to confirm that your development has a sufficient probability of succeeding. A report will take into account your goals and anticipated costs for completing the project and weigh them against current local market conditions. 

What Our Reports Include

Our firm is capable of producing thorough, detailed due diligence and feasibility analysis reports that can be used internally and as a basis for making offers. We understand that many real estate opportunities are time-sensitive and can offer fast turnarounds. 

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