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Philadelphia’s Collaborative Interface Between the Private Sector & City Government 


About Pritzker Law Group

PLG, co-founded by twin attorneys Adam and Rachael Pritzker, was born out of the fundamental imperative of taking a far more collaborative approach to real estate, development and government relationship in Philadelphia, its surrounding counties and New Jersey. 
The team at PLG has unique experience and perspective in tacking all real estate related matters having worked for City Council, the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), state and local courts, prominent Zoning and Land Use practices and Philadelphia-based businesses. 
PLG is proud to represent some of Philadelphia’s largest and most innovative developers and real estate professionals.

Legal Real Estate Services

Pritzker Law Group specializes in real estate, development and government relations, in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Our services include development due diligence feasibility analysis, white glove representation and advocacy in obtaining zoning approvals and government support, representation in front of all Philadelphia City Boards and Agencies, tax assessment and abatement appeal support, review and drafting of legal contracts, and more. 

Pritzker Consulting Group

Specializing in real estate development and government relations in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our services including assistance obtaining zoning approval for high rises and new developments.

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