5 Things You NEED To Do If You Want To Be a Developer in Philly


Becoming a developer in Philadelphia is a great idea for those with the focus and determination to follow-through and be successful.

As one of the largest, as well as the oldest, cities in the United States, Philadelphia is often overlooked when it comes to hot real estate markets. Overlooking Philly is a mistake though, because this massive and historical city, with a growing population, is on the rebound.

The Philly housing market includes over 4 million people, making it a hub of success for developers willing to embrace the city and its suburbs. That being said, if you are looking to become a developer in Philadelphia, there are five things you need to do.

1. Decide the type of investing you want to do.

There are a number of ways that you can become successful in the Philadelphia housing market. Before you start looking, you will need to decide if you want to develop a new living community, purchase single-family residences, or invest in property. There are benefits as well as difficulties that are inherent in each choice, which makes it imperative that you count the cost before making an investment.

The good news is that residential neighborhoods in Philadelphia are necessary for the progression and growth of the city. Investors are needed in order to update as well as develop new neighborhoods with multi-family communities and single-family homes.

2. Research housing and market trends in your desired area.

You will want to ensure that the area you are planning on developing in is ready for what you intend on bringing. Research the housing and market trends in the area you plan on purchasing property in. Pay attention to things such as the median home sales prices and the median rent per month in your desired locale. Other telling information is how quickly rentals are filled, the average income of renters, and what types of rentals are most popular in a specific area; single-family homes, apartments, condos, or townhouses.

3. Find a great residential real estate development company when you are getting ready to build.

Developing single-family or multi-family homes and neighborhoods is a long and difficult process. While many investors are chock-full of great ideas, the ins and outs of residential development can be overwhelming and confusing. It’s important to partner with a great residential real estate development company that will provide you with the guidance that you need. The right company will be able to help you craft a plan and implement it in order to fulfill your goals.

4. Craft an extensive development plan.

Creating a successful development requires extensive planning. You will need to determine details such as your pre-construction design. Your design will flow seamlessly from your vision for your property, and you will need to ensure that it fits any legal and self-imposed requirements.

Many developers dread the planning stage, desiring instead to jump straight into tangible implementation, but it is absolutely essential to take the time and develop a complete plan that will lead to your desired results.

5. Apply for required approvals and permits.

Before you begin construction, you will need to learn about the required permits, warranties, and approvals for the type of development you are building, as well as for the specific zoning location that your property lies in. Not following the laws and not obtaining everything that is required for your development can result in hefty fines and a lot of set-backs in regard to time, finances, and more.

It is always a good idea to do the research before you even purchase your property, and make sure to obtain everything that is required before you even THINK about beginning your construction project.

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