PCG combines design, community, governmental, and administrative expertise, gained within the private and public sectors. PCG’s consultants reflect the necessary intersection of both academic and practical experience, offering the following the client-centric services:

Community Outreach Coordination: Local community and neighborhood approval is one of the most important aspects of any real estate project. Thats why we have complied a team of experts in working with the local community and neighborhood groups in all areas of Philadelphia. Our existing relationships and expertise in this area allow us to easily coordinate with and gain approvals from the relevant community members and organizations.

Preliminary Plan Review and Professional Services Coordination: Knowing what the City of Philadelphia wants to see in order to get your projects the approvals they need as fast as you need them is the name of the game. Our years of experience in the public sector coupled with our on-staff architectural and design specialist enables us to quickly evaluate, review and revise plans so that we can secure approval by the city agencies as effectively and efficiently as possible.

License, Permit and Zoning Appeal Applications: Successfully obtaining licenses and permits is a necessity when dealing in real estate. Our understanding of the permitting process and the  various City Departments including Revenue and the Department of Licenses and Inspections enables us to navigate through all stages of the licensing and permitting process so that your project continually progresses. Additionally, we handle all zoning appeal applications to assure that the needs of your real estate matter are met and appropriately addressed.