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Are you a property owner or developer looking to subdivide or consolidate land in Philadelphia? Regardless of the project you're developing, you must adhere to the city's zoning codes, land use policies, and development procedures. The team of seasoned subdivision and consolidation attorneys at Pritzker Law Group can help you navigate this process.

Our team is prepared to work closely with you to help you understand your options, assess the legal implications of your plans, and guide you in creating a targeted strategy to bring your vision to life. Whether you're subdividing a large parcel into smaller lots for individual sale or consolidating multiple plots into a single entity for a major construction project, we’re here to simplify the process.

Let our experience in real estate law and our commitment to meticulous representation work for you. Contact us online or call our office at (215) 515-0882 to schedule a consultation.

Changing Property Boundaries in Philadelphia

There are many reasons someone might need to subdivide or consolidate land lots. Everything from combining multiple lots in order to build your dream home to subdividing a large plot so that you can sell portions off will require you to adhere to city regulations. Failure to comply with local zoning and building codes can result in serious fines and can potentially derail your entire project.

Steps that you may need to take when subdividing or consolidating real estate in Philadelphia may include:

  • Research & Planning: Educate yourself on the basics of subdividing or consolidating land lots, as well as the legal ramifications involved.
  • Property Survey: Engage the services of a professional land surveyor to map out the existing boundaries of your property.
  • Check Zoning and Land Use Regulations: Research Philadelphia's zoning codes, land use policies, and development procedures. Ensure that your plan complies with these regulations.
  • Prepare a Plan: Draft a detailed plan of your proposed boundary changes, including the exact measurements of the new lots.
  • Submit Plans & Get Approvals: Having property boundaries changed is a complicated process, and you will need to secure various permissions and obtain permits and approvals for your plans.
  • Review Process: Await the review and approval process. Be prepared to address any issues that may arise.
  • Legal Documentation: Once approved, have a legal document drawn up to record the new property boundaries. You will need this when registering your new deed(s).
  • Real Estate Attorney Consultation: Throughout this process, consider consulting with a real estate attorney to guide you and ensure all legal issues are appropriately addressed.

From requesting a zoning permit to submitting your application to the Office of Property Assessment, subdividing or consolidating property in Philadelphia is a difficult process. You are strongly encouraged to work with an experienced real estate attorney, like ours at Pritzker Law Group, to help you.

  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Industry & Local Markets
  • Seasoned Experienced With Municipal Agencies & Administrative Boards
  • Lawyers with Extensive Careers in Specialized Legal Fields
  • Certified Women-Owned Law Firm

Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Attorney for Subdividing or Consolidating Property

There are numerous benefits to working with an experienced real estate attorney when undertaking a project that requires subdividing or consolidating property. In particular, a knowledgeable attorney can provide valuable guidance throughout the process, ensuring that you avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Furthermore, having an attorney on your team can help you move through the approval process faster than someone without experienced legal guidance. This is because those who work with an established real estate attorney during the subdivision or consolidation process benefit from their attorney's relationships with local officials and their attorney's knowledge of the bureaucratic processes.

Last but not least, working with a real estate attorney provides you with peace of mind. You'll have the assurance that all legal aspects of your project are being handled diligently, leaving you free to focus on other elements of your development.

Don't Risk Your Investment

Whether you're a large commercial property developer or an individual residential homeowner, your real estate project represents a significant investment. The last thing you want to do is risk this investment by not getting the help you need to deal with the red tape associated with subdividing or consolidating property.

Retaining the services of a well-respected law firm like Pritzker Law Group can turn an otherwise complex and daunting process into a straightforward, stress-free experience. Don't hesitate to reach out and learn how we can assist with your subdivision or consolidation project.

Pritzker Law Group has the skill and experience needed to guide property developers through the consolidation and/or subdivision process in Philadelphia. Please send us a message online to discuss your project today.

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