Tax Assessments & Abatements

Counseling owners of residential and commercial property every step of the way.
Tax laws change frequently - it’s imperative for homeowners, contractors, and developers to protect their rights. In order to ensure you’re paying the appropriate amount, you’ll first need an accurate assessment. Pritzker Law Group will provide you with these services in addition to excellent representation before the Board of Revision of Taxes in the Court of Common Pleas. 

Tax Assessment & Abatement Services

Philadelphia offers numerous abatement programs - and with these programs, timing is key. We’re well versed in both Construction and 10 Year Abatements. So whether your home is new construction, or a rehabbed property, we can aid in the approval process to get you the most desirable results. Tax Assessment and Abatement matters can include:
Assessment and neighborhood review and due diligence
Coordination with Appraisers and City Officials
Submission package creation to showcase the gap in estimated cost vs. actual property value
Nunc Pro Tunc Petitions
Escrow addendums for real estate sales during pending abatements

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